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Last Modified: March 05, 2007

No one knows it all!! Certainly, not us!! Appropriate queries received from anyone will be posted here. All questions and answers will remain anonymous unless otherwise requested. If you send in an answer, please let us know if we are to make your name and/or email address available either generally or to the individual who originally posed the question. Answers will also be posted here. Thank you for both posing and answering the questions.

Question 1, March 9, 1997. A member has photocopies of two aerogrammes that he would like to ask about. One of these aerogrammes is from Sudan and was posted on 16 March 1952 and sent to Ireland. The other is from Uganda and was posted on 15 December 1953 and sent to Ireland. Both of these appear to be standard British aerogrammes printed on greenish-grey paper but without the printed stamp. They have no statements on the back that they were privately printed. The one from Uganda has "Christmas Greetings" in large fancy print and has bells and ribbons, etc. across the top of the inside and a small sled and reindeer across the bottom. This probably was printed later? Both have the same printing on the upper left front but the "BY AIR MAIL" box on the first one is approx 1 7/16 inches wide whereas on the second one it is only 1 1/4 inches wide. The other printing is also smaller on the second one.

Is this enough information for them to be recognized? Are they the standard forms from Sudan and Uganda respectively? What can anyone tell us about the forms? Where did they originate? Etc?
Thanks for any responses.

Question 2, March 11, 1997. A member has several "Aerogramme Albums" which he has filled up. He purchased them several years ago and has been told by many dealers that they are no longer made. They were apparently made in Australia and have the following inscription on the front cover, 'H:B Aerogrammes'.

Does any one have any suggestions for a source for such today? Are there any oversize albums that will hold an unfolded, large-format aerogramme?
Thanks for any responses.

Question 3, April 7, 1997. AS member Bill Murphy is making a study of Irish Aerogrammes. He has found that Ireland, like many other countries, allows the use of privately printed air letter forms provided they are approved by the Irish Post Office and a statement to that effect is printed on the air letter form. Examples found have the following printed on the reverse, "FORM APPROVED BY THE MINISTER FOR POSTS AND TELEGRAPHS No. xx." He has reason to believe that there may be several of these in existence that have never been reported in the philatelic literature.

If anyone has any of these Irish air lettter forms with either this or a similar statement on the reverse, we would very much appreciate hearing from you.
Thanks for any responses.

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