Last Modified: February 15, 2007

SCADTA Postal Stationery


Jerome V. V. Kasper

Colombia’s early domestic airmail service was provided by private organizations. The Sociedad Colombo-Alemana de Transportes Aereos, or “SCADTA”, began operations on October 19, 1920 and acquired an exclusive airmail contract by the end of the year. This exclusive contract lasted just over 11 years, until January 1, 1932.

Under the contract, all mail carried by air required franking by airmail stamps printed and sold by SCADTA. SCADTA was permitted to own and operate its own post offices throughout Colombia. The SCADTA franking paid only the air part of the service within Colombia. Mail originating in Colombia also required franking with Colombian National Government postage appropriate to the particular service. Mail originating elsewhere required proper postage to pay transit to Colombia and SCADTA franking for air service in Colombia. In 1923 & 1924, SCADTA issued 5 items of postal stationery for correspondence use. These were unpopular and little used.

This exhibit shows the story of the five items of SCADTA postal stationery intended for correspondence thru mint and used copies of all recorded types. Items ordered not chronologically, but by increasing rarity of usage.

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