Last Modified: May 1, 2005

Norway, The Aerogram Issues, 1948-1988


John Crowsley

Aerograms were issued by Norway between 1948 and 1988.
Printed by Emil Mostue A/S, the colours of print, and the papers, vary considerably.
Before 1954, there are dotted lines above and on the side for folding the sheet.
From October 1953, they were folded by machine.
They were sold at 5 ore over face from 1948, increased to 10 ore from the 1969 issue.
Aerograms ceased to be sold as from 28th February 1992.
All of the issues printed and used for airmail during this period are shown.

Michel Ganzsachen Katalog 2001
Norges Helpost 1972-1980 - Oslo Filatelistklubb
Norge Helpostkatalog 1872-1992. (1996/7 utgave) - Oslo Filatelistklubb

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