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Hungary: Aerogrammes 1950-1984


Robert Jensen

Aerogramme is the official name designated by the Universal Postal Union for an Airmail Letter Sheet created for international use. The United States calls it an air letter while the rest of the world calls them aerograms.

An official aerogramme is self-contained. On the front side is the stamp and spaces for names and addresses. Also the front has one or more gummed, glue flaps. The back or reverse side is for the message. After the text is applied it is re-folded, glue flap or flaps moistened, sealed and it is ready to be mailed.

There are three types of Hungarian aerogrammes, (AERO). The official aero had a stamp or indicium printed on it. The semi-official or formula aero had a space for a stamp but with only a post horn in it. The last type or private aero had a blank space with no stamp or post-horn. The official could be obtained only at the Budapest post office. The formula was obtained at post offices through-out Hungary, and the private from the local convenience store, tobacconist or trafik.

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