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Early Aerograms of Finland (1949-1962).


Kauko Aro

Finland joined two other Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Iceland, to launch its aerograms on October 9, 1949 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the UPU. New international postal rates were created by the UPU for these sheets. In Finland, this rate was equal to the surface letter rate to a foreign country. Local authorities were allowed to charge extra for the cost of the paper: in Finland this was initially set at 4mk, later rising to 5mk (and to 0.10 mk in 1974). The design of the indicium has remained virtually identical until 1974 when the indicium was finally re-designed.

Aerograms were never popular among Finns, partly due to their very plain appearance and partly due to a very limited need so soon after WW II. As messages were written on the forms themselves, copies may lie in private, family correspondence mingled with contents of regular letters.

Literature on the Finnish aerograms has been very sparse. The best coverage is probably in "Nordens Aerogram" by Ulla Lindberg, published in 1983 in Sweden by SFF.

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