Last Modified: November 24, 2004

Australia's Official Aerogrammes


Jerome V. V. Kasper

As the Australian Post Office communicated ever more with entities around the world following WW II, a decision was made to create a form that was a variation on the increasingly popular and easy-to-use aerogramme. A stampless form used principally in Norfolk Island and Nauru was made by excising the stamp and a rectangular section of the overlay from the May 22, 1950 civilian 7d aerogramme. The first Official airletter form was this stampless form overprinted with appropriate text. All Australian aerogrammes were produced by the Note Printing Branch of the Reserve Bank of Australia located in Melbourne.

This exhibit shows mint and/or used copies of all Australia’s Official Aerogrammes. In the early years, they were used only by the Postmaster-General’s Department primarily for announcements of new issues or special philatelic activities. They were also used to respond to specific inquiries related to postal services. Since they were little used, there were only six basic issues during the approximately 25 years from inception to phase-out. Forms of “official” aerogrammes are recorded for two other departments.

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