Last Modified: March 05, 2007

New Aerogramme Discoveries

This section will provide a repository of all "new discoveries" that are brought to our attention. Where possible, articles concerning such discoveries will be made available here.

This listing of new discoveries will be updated as reports are received. We shall list every item reported including the number of reports we receive. Please report to us any item that you find that is not listed in one of the major catalogs, that is unpriced in the catalogs, or that you feel is a rare or inadequately described variety. We would very much appreciate a scan (jpg) of any items reported to us. Unfortunately numerous listings in the Kessler Catalogs are of questionable nature.

New Discoveries Reports

Ghana 1972, from AerogrammeR, February, 1997.
Ghana 1972 - Further Insights, from AerogrammeR, May, 1997.
A New Type of Error, from The EFO Collector, October-December, 2004.

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