Last Modified: February 22, 2012

Aerogramme Lists by Country

This section will provide listings of aerogrammes by country as we can develop such lists or find them and appropriately convert them.

Please report to us any item that you find that is not listed in one of the major catalogs, that is unpriced in the catalogs, or that you feel is a rare or inadequately described variety. We would very much appreciate a scan (jpg) of any items reported to us. Unfortunately numerous listings in the Kessler Catalogs are of questionable nature.

The listings on this website are in two parts. The link on this page will take you to a summary list that includes only the items with major catalog numbers. Each item will have a link to a "details" page where varieties are listed. If you have an item that is NOT listed, please bring it to our attention. If possible, please include a scan of the item.

Also, if you have an Item already on a list which has no image, a scan of the item would be much appreciated and will be placed on the website with appropriate acknowledgement. Please note that lists will be placed on the website prior to completion and will represent work in progress. For example, the lists for Liberia have just been begun and more items and images will be added.

These lists draw heavily on both the EAPC series of catalogs, such as "Katalog der Aerogramme von Afrika" and Kessler's "Catalog of Aerograms", Volumes 1, 2 and 3. In order to provide as consistent a listing as possible, the assigned catalog numbers are as close to those of the EAPC catalog as we could make them. Where major issues are added, catalog numbers may be shifted or new items will be indicated by appending a capital letter. Liberia 7A and 9A are two examples. Thanks to the many individuals who contributed to both the Kessler and EAPC catalogs!!

We also wish to express heartfelt appreciation to those contributors who have helped with the lists on this website. We have and will mention the names of contributors who bring items to our attention. THANKS!


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