New Aerogramme Discoveries - Ghana, 1972 - Further Insights

by Jerome V. V. Kasper

Published in The AerogrammeR, May, 1997.

This is the second part of the Ghana 1972 errors story which began in Issue #2 of AerogrammeR.

Normal missing red and black
Figure 8

In the February issue of AerogrammeR, we reported on the short-lived printing in 1972 of the large-sized 9np multicoloured chameleon issue with the changed order of border ornament colors. Some additional items from this issue have now been identified. Figure 8 (HIRES) (continuing the numbering from Part 1) shows the front panel of a copy of the common issue missing the red and black printing.

Short-lived missing only red
Figure 9

Figure 9 (HIRES) shows the short-lived issue missing only the red printing. Interestingly, on the common issue, the black (the tablet, address lines and admonitory text) was printed at the same time as the red, while on the short-lived issue, the black and green were printed together (refer to Figure 7 (HIRES)).

normal missing yellow and blue
Figure 10

short-lived missing yellow and blue
Figure 11

Figure 10 (HIRES) and figure 11 (HIRES) show, respectively, the common and short-lived issues missing the yellow and blue (used for GHANA in the stamp imprint) colors.

rare with black and green shift
Figure 12

Finally, Figure 12 (HIRES) shows a striking color shift on the short-lived issue. The green and black plate was shifted 16 mm to the right. Note that some of the black and green printing from the adjacent aerogramme appears on the left flap.

Although we are still unaware of any mint copies, one additional used copy has been brought to our attention. Keep hunting!

*** Since Issue #3 was printed, 7 additional copies bring to 12 the number of these aerogrammes that have been reported. ***

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